Wordle Tips and Tricks Today

Wordle can be tricky, but help is on the way. Here we've collated all our best tips to help you get a Wordle streak going. 

How to get that Wordle streak going... let's start now

Big AUDIO dynamite "AUDIO. Get 4 out of 5 vowels out of the way immediately and focus on narrowing down consonants.

A blank STARE "My go-to is STARE. I'm inspired a little by the Wheel of Fortune move of guessing RSTLNE first, and with this, I also knock off two vowels.

Get TEARY "I cycle through TEARY, PIOUS, and ADIEU as a first word, to knock out some common letters and make inroads with vowels.

MAKER's mark "MAKER. That word puts me in the mood to 'create' the answer based on the data I get from knocking out the above letter combo. 

Use weird words "You aren't playing Wordle correctly if you use the same word to start every day. 

Don't fail "I don't believe in strategies. Pick the word that speaks to you most in the morning and follow your heart.