Nintendo Switch Sports 2022

From the inclusion of Miis to 16-player "survival bowling," here's what was covered in a recent overview trailer.

As we get in the zone for Switch Sports' release date on April 27, we've rounded up five things that stand out from Nintendo's Switch Sports overview trailer.

The digital game is $40, and the physical one, which includes a leg strap for soccer, is $50.

1. Switch Sports and Wii Sports -- what's staying the same? Two sports are returning from Wii Sports: tennis and bowling. 

2. Volleyball. Among the cool stuff the trailer divulged is supercharged spikes in volleyball

3. Soccer. The soccer ball is massive. Just as big as the characters in the game, if not bigger. 

4. Miis. Miis are back. The video shows that players will have the option to play as a "sportsman"

5. What's to come. In addition to the aforementioned soccer update, another update in the fall will add golf to the game.