How to Save Money Around Your Home

Here are 10 ways you can start cutting costs around your house right now.

1. Grow herbs A bundle of herbs costs three or four bucks. Keeping a little herb garden on your window sill will cost about the same upfront

2. Don't buy bottled water Bottled water seems cheap, but it gets expensive fast.

3. Make your own coffee It seems obvious, but those daily cafe Americanos can easily take a chunk out of your bank account (trust me, I know). 

4. Throw almost-spoiled fruits Buying fresh produce, then opting for the tastier freezer meals while the bananas and spinach spoiled was a weekly ritual in our house. 

5. Keep your freezer full Speaking of freezers, when you keep your freezer full, it works more efficiently, taking less energy to keep the contents cold.

6. Keep your dishwasher full, too Running half-loads of dishes is a quick way to waste water and dish detergent. 

7. Break out that Dutch oven It could be a Dutch oven or a slow cooker of any kind, but cooking in bulk really helps cut down the costs associated with more individual-size meals. 

8. Eat leftovers This isn't a tip so much as a choice. Keep your leftovers and don't give yourself the excuse not to eat them.

9. Be selective about organic foods Organic food can be pricey, and ethically grown meat is even more expensive. 

10. Hang-dry your clothes Save energy by hang-drying your laundry. (No one will notice your wrinkled shirt.)