Best Universal Remote in 2022

Here are my choices for the best universal remote control currently available, in ascending order of price.

Logitech Harmony wrote the book on the universal remote control devices and these are the most basic clickers I can recommend for a smart home. 

Logitech Harmony 650/665

Caavo's Control Center is one of two non-Harmony smart remotes on this list and is also the second-cheapest device at $59, but there's a catch.

Caavo Control Center

The Hub is the only remote control device on this list that doesn't actually include an actual physical remote device or buttons. 

Logitech Harmony Hub

My pick for the best universal remote for the money is the Harmony Companion, a real remote tied to a Harmony Hub. 

Logitech Harmony Companion 

The wacky Cube is a mashup of universal remote controls, the Fire TV 4K streamer, and the Amazon Echo, speaker.

Amazon Fire TV Cube

Now we're getting into big-spending universal remote control territory. The main draw of the Elite remote control over the Harmony Companion is its screen.

Amazon Fire TV Cube