Best Robo-Advisors for Investing 2022

If you're investing for the first time, you have several options to get started. 

 While you can go the traditional route of hiring a full-time human financial adviser or

 investing in specific stocks on your own, you may also opt to use a Robo-advisor platform. 

Here's a breakdown of the best Robo-advisors for April 2022.

Betterment Betterment was one of the first Robo-advisors. It's stood the test of time to become one of the most popular financial planning Robo-advisors.

Wealthfront Wealthfront is, alongside Betterment, one of the biggest Robo-advisors available.

SoFi The SoFi Robo-advisor is best known for handling loans, but it's recently gotten into financial investments, as well. 

Ellevest Ellevest was created by women especially for women, although anyone can sign up.