Best Credit Monitoring Services 2022

Data breaches have become all too common, reaching a new peak in 2021. 

With data hacks on the rise, it's increasingly likely that you -- or someone you know -- have had their information compromised.

Credit monitoring services can assist you in keeping a close eye on your credit report in order to better defend yourself from the modern plagues of credit card fraud and identity theft.

Experian (download the app for iOS or Android) is one of the major credit monitoring services that offer your FICO scores for the three bureaus.


Also among the top three major credit monitoring services is TransUnion (download the app for iOS or Android). 


The third main credit bureau in the US, Equifax (download the app for iOS), suffered one of the worst data breaches in 2017 affecting more than half of all Americans.


Credit Karma is a personal finance company. You can use it to check your credit scores as often as you'd like for free.

Credit Karma

Mint (download the app for iOS or Android) is a free service for managing your personal finances. 

Mint is a pared-down service provided by Experian to access your credit report for free.