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kids maths puzzle with answers for class 6

kids maths puzzle with answers for class 6 Puzzles or riddles is such games, to solve which all the parts of the brain have to be tightened. People of all ages and classes find it fun, but in solving it, adults lose their sweat. [Kids Maths Puzzle]

This is the reason why games like puzzles or puzzles are said to be better for skill and cognitive knowledge. That’s why MomJunction has come up with this article with interesting math puzzles and answers for kids.

In this article, we will give you full information about kids maths puzzle with answers for class 6 so let’s start reading this article.

Let’s start a series of interesting kids maths puzzles.

kids maths puzzle with answers for class 6

kids maths puzzle

Kids Maths Puzzle Here you will read kids’ maths puzzles with answers for class 6. You can solve these puzzles together with your children older than 3 years. These puzzles will not only increase the knowledge of children, but you will also be able to tackle your other tasks by engaging them in riddles. Not two targets with one arrow.

kids maths puzzle with answers for class 6

I am the number that is 5 more than the number of toes. tell me what am i

Answer – 15

I am a number, which is two numbers more than a week. tell me what am i

Answer – 9

There are 10 mangoes in a basket, out of which 4 mangoes are given to a person. Tell me how many mangoes are left with that person now?

Answer – 4 mangoes, because that person was given 4 mangoes out of the basket.

A man has 15 goats, in which all except 7 goats die. So how many goats will that person have now?

Answer – 7 goats, because except 7 goats all others are dead.

2 fathers and 2 sons went to the market for lunch. Each of them bought lunch for Rs.70. How much did it cost in total?

Answer – Rs 210, because there were only 3 people – grandfather, father, and grandson. Thus the answer is 70×3 = Rs 210.

Ram used to put 100 rupees in a piggy bank every year on his birthday. When he counted the rupees on his 60th birthday, it was only 1500 rupees. Tell me why?

Answer – Ram’s birthday used to come on 29 February. Because of this 60÷4=15×100=1500 rupees.

There were 10 mangoes in Golu’s basket, out of which he distributed one mango each to his 10 friends. Still, there was one mango left in the basket. tell how?

Answer – Golu took out 9 mangoes from the basket and gave them to his first 9 friends. After this, the remaining 10th mango was given to the 10th friend along with the basket, so there was one mango left in the basket.

A man was going somewhere in a car numbered WV733N. On the way, a girl asked for a lift. When the man asked the girl her name, she told that her name is on the number of his car. Now tell me what was the girl’s name?

Answer – The name of that girl was Neelam. If the car number WV733N is reversed, it will appear as NEELAM written on it.

Ram participated in the race of 500 meters and left behind Shyam at number three in the race. Now tell what number Ram was in the race?

Answer – Third No.

Golu was going to the market. On the way, he met a man who came with 6 wives. All the wives had 2-2 bags in their hands, each of which contained 1-1 rabbit and each rabbit had 3-3 children. Tell how many people were going to the market in total?

Answer – Only Golu alone was going to the market because other people only met him on the way.

16 men working together can complete a work in 10 days. Then tell how many men will be needed to complete the same work in 80 days?

Answer – 2 men, because 16×10/80 =2, so 2 men will complete the work in 80 days.

All the people were standing in a row, in which a girl was 19th from both sides. So tell me how many people were standing in line?

Answer – 37 people

Bantu has some apples and some needles in his house. If he pokes 1–1 needle into all the apples, he is left with 1 extra needle. If he pokes 2 needles into each apple, he is left with 1 extra apple. Now tell how many apples and needles Bantu has in total?

Answer – Bantu has 3 apples and 4 needles.

Shyam is the elder brother of Bantu. Rani is the younger sister of Ram. Bantu is the only son of Rani. Tell me, what do Shyam and Ram look like in a relationship?

Answer – Shyam is the nephew of Ram.

Ram is older than Shyam in stature. Moti is taller than Ram and Golu is shorter than Moti but taller than Shyam. So which of these has the shortest length?

Answer – Shyam is the shortest among all the people.

There are 8 bananas in a basket, out of which you have taken 3 bananas. Tell me, how many bananas do you have left?

Answer – 3 Bananas, because you took only 3 bananas in the basket.

Two fathers and two sons went fishing. Everyone caught 1-1 fish. When they counted the fish, they were only 3. Tell me why?

Answer – Only three people went fishing. Among them were a grandfather, another son, and a third grandson.

I am under 15 but over 10. You can find me by adding 10 to 3. tell me what am i

Answer – 13

I am less than 8, but more than 5. I am one more than the fingers of the left hand. tell me what am i

Answer – 6

I am a number that can be found by adding up the number of sides of a triangle. Tell me what am I?

Answer – 3

I am a number between 1 and 5. I am less than 4, but more than 2. If you can find me, tell me who am I?

Answer – 3

How many sides does a circle have?

Answer – 0, because a circle is round.

Which is the smallest number among 31, 33, 13, and 103?

Answer – 13

Which number comes between 49 and 51?

Answer – 50

Which number comes between 13 and 15?

Answer – 14

How many letters are there in the English word ‘MATHEMATICS’ of mathematics?

Answer – 11

How many times to add 6 to get 66?

Answer – 11 times

Which number comes before 100?

Answer – 99

To denote the difference between the numbers 20 and 25, which of the following symbols should be chosen <, =, or >?

Answer – <, because 20 is less than 25.

What is the number which is greater than five hundred but less than five hundred two?

Answer – 501

86 is greater than 68. Is this statement true or false?

Answer – Truth

Ram has as many toffees as on a weekday. Tell me how many toffees does Ram have?

Answer – 7

Golu’s book is 42 pages, out of which he has read 16 pages. Now, how many more pages does Golu have to read?

Answer – 26

I am a two-digit number that is less than 20 but greater than 14. I come at an equal distance of 10 and 20. tell me who am I?

Answer – 15

I am number one. To write I have to come back to where I started writing. tell me who am I?

Answer – 8

What is the next odd number after 73?

Answer – 75

What are 382 and 264, odd or even?

Answer – Even

Which is the smallest even number?

Answer – 0

Add 1 to 5, then multiply 5 by 1. Then what number will be obtained by adding the number obtained from both?

Answer – 11, because 5 + 1 = 6 and 5 x 1 = 5, then 6 + 5 = 11

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