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Happy Republic Day 2022 Speech In English

Happy Republic Day 2022 Speech In English – On January 26, 1950, the Constitution of our country was implemented, in which the way was prepared to make India a country with a republican system. For this reason, every year on 26 January, this day is celebrated as Republic Day to commemorate India’s becoming a republican nation. It is one of the national festivals of the country. Our country became independent on August 15, 1947, and on January 26, 1950, by implementing the constitution of the country, the democratic system was accepted in the country of India. [Happy Republic Day 2022 Speech In English]

The constitution which prepared the way for the democratic system in our country came into force on this day, due to which this day has special significance in Indian history. This festival is celebrated in all government institutions. The main event is organized in the form of the Republic Day Parade at Rajpath in the country’s capital Delhi, in which the country’s achievements in various fields are reflected. Special events are organized in schools on this occasion, processions are taken out, tricolor is hoisted, the national anthem is sung, Republic Day speech, patriotic songs, cultural programs, etc. are organized and sweets are distributed. Goes.

If you are also looking for suitable material of Hindi speech (Republic Day Speech Ideas) to give a speech in the program organized on the occasion of Republic Day, then understand that Republic Day speech in Hindi. Your search ends here. To make the students aware of this national festival and to test their knowledge, the question of writing an essay on Republic Day is also asked in the examinations. With the help of the information given in this article, it will also help in writing Gantantra Diwas par speech. Take the help of the information given in this article to prepare Gantantra Diwas par lakh Bhushan and perform well. [Happy Republic Day 2022 Speech In English]

Happy Republic Day 2022 Speech In English

How can easily prepare an easy republic day speech, information about it is given in this article. Many times there is also a need to write an essay on Republic Day, for writing an essay on Republic Day, you will get benefit from the information given in this article. If you are going to give Gantantra Diwas par Bhashan, then, first of all, make yourself normal by reaching the stage, do not panic, if necessary, restrain yourself by taking deep two-three breaths and then before starting the Republic Day speech, the people present address to For the Republic Day gatherings of schools, something like this can be broadly addressed-

“Respected Chief Guest Sir, Speaker Sir, present Sajjan Vrand, Gurujan Vrand, my classmate’s brothers and sisters! Wishing you all a very Happy Republic Day! In this article, we will give you full information about Happy Republic Day 2022 Speech In English.

As is well known, we all have gathered here under this holy tricolor flag to celebrate Indian Republic Day. It is not just a festival but a matter of pride and honor for every Indian. [Happy Republic Day 2022 Speech In English]

In the Republic Day 2022 Speech after the part of the address is over, introduce this day (What is Republic Day), Why do we celebrate Republic Day. Throw light on some of the main features of the Indian Constitution. After this, throw light on the situation of the Republic of India, the main problems related to it, and give a pause to your republic day speech for students talking about possible solutions to them. Important information for speech in Hindi on Republic Day is being given ahead, take advantage of it according to your convenience and need.

Republic Day 2022 Speech – History of the Constitution of India

[Happy Republic Day 2022 Speech In English] Constitution Drafting Committee was constituted under the chairmanship of Dr. Bhimrao Ambedkar for the making of the Indian Constitution. After the hard work of 2 years, 11 months, and 18 days, the constitution was prepared by the Drafting Committee on 26 November 1949, this day (26 November 1949) is celebrated as Constitution Day, National Law Day in Indian history. And it was handed over to the President of the Constituent Assembly, Dr. Rajendra Prasad.

It is the largest written constitution in the world with 395 articles and 8 schedules. The Constitution of India was adopted by the Constituent Assembly on 26 November 1949, but it was decided to implement it from 26 January 1950. The reason for this is that on January 26, 1930, India was declared as Purna Swaraj and it was announced to celebrate this day as Independence Day. After this Independence Day was celebrated in India every year on 26 January. After the country got independence, it was decided to implement the Indian Constitution on this day to preserve the memories of 26 January.

Republic Day 2022 Speech – Highlights of the Constitution (Republic Day Speech/Essay-Main features)

It is the largest constitution in the world as well as being written and produced. In this, the good things of the constitutions of different countries of the world have been given place. The parliamentary system is taken from Britain, Fundamental Rights from US Constitution and Fundamental Duties from former the Soviet Union, Directive Principles of State Policy from Ireland, and Amendment process from Constitution of South Africa.

Adult suffrage has been provided in the Indian Constitution. The constitution provides for a unified and independent judicial system in the country. There are many such features that have been given a place in the Indian Constitution to improve the lives of citizens. It is complete in itself.

Republic Day Speech/Essay- Challenges before the nation

Despite this, many challenges before the Indian Republic are standing in front of us today. [Happy Republic Day 2022 Speech In English]

Corruption- Corruption has been increasing continuously since independence in the country, the situation is becoming very depressing. People are deprived of basic facilities. Most of the leaders, ministers, government officers, employees who have responsibilities are not performing them honestly. Everyone is desirous of earning money in the wrong way. There is a gathering of criminals and corrupt people in the field of politics related to public service. Criminals and corrupt leaders have never brought good to the country and the society, nor will there ever be.

Communalism- The country was kept secular in the Indian Constitution so that all citizens of the country are equal, no one should be discriminated against, but political parties have torn its fabric. Political parties run the policy of dividing society into religions and castes in the greed of power. Due to this there is increasing estrangement between different religions and castes which is a threat to the unity and integrity of the country.

Poor Healthcare – Due to the rapidly spreading corona epidemic, lakhs of people got caught in the cheeks of time immemorial. The result of neglect by the governments of subjects like bread, cloth, house, health, education is that there are no beds in the hospital for the patients. People are dying due to a lack of oxygen. People are not even getting proper treatment. The health infrastructure has collapsed. The soul of democracy, people are Rambharose.

[Happy Republic Day 2022 Speech In English] Unemployment, poverty, illiteracy, terrorism, Naxalism, criminalization of politics, neglect of the construction sector, farmers not getting a fair price for their crops are many such problems that will be seen around us. The government-administration system has failed to solve the problems.

We get to hear speeches on Independence Day and Republic Day every year, they mention the problems of the country and if we look at them, then we will know that these problems are not of today, they are present in the country for many decades and Independence Day and Republic Day But they have been mentioned in the speeches and essays to be given, but the solution has not been found so far. Speeches are given by leaders, ministers, officers on Republic Day, but when it comes to working for the welfare of the country, society, and the public, all seem to be unsuccessful. The situation is that when the governments change after being in power for a number of years, it is known that the development of the country, state, society, the panchayat has not happened, but the assets of their representatives have definitely increased manifold.

To overcome the problems of the country, a massive change will be needed in the present system. Corruption is the only root of every problem. If this is eliminated, then gradually all other problems will start decreasing. There is also a great need for reforms in the political system of the country. For this political parties will have to change their working style and hardworking and honest people will have to move forward in politics. All the pillars of democracy – legislature, executive, and judiciary have to discharge their role well. [Happy Republic Day 2022 Speech In English]

Apart from this, the press, which is considered to be the fourth pillar, will also have to play its role honestly. Every person is a part of democracy and everyone has to perform their role well, only then Indian democracy will be successful in the true sense otherwise issues related to it will arise in the speeches given on Independence Day and Republic Day, and then again people in democracy throughout the year. It will grind and the keepers will sleep. Let us all take a pledge today that such a situation does not come, that we will behave according to the constitution and will strengthen the democracy of the country.

After this Jai Hind, Jai Bharat! End the republic day speech with

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