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10 Most Controversial Bigg Boss Contestants

10 Most Controversial Bigg Boss Contestants: Closed for 3 months with strangers without any contact with the outside world, without a phone, without internet. At this age, it is really like finding the feet of such people. But then so is the contest! There is a reward and a reward for this.

That who will take this 3 months without disturbing his mental balance, he also successfully becomes the winner. The format of the reality shows Big Boss is similar. Every participant has to go through it. Even inside the BB House, sometimes things get awkward. Due to this something happens, which according to me is not wrong to bring it under the strange.

Sometimes, the contestants become so ‘driven’ in a task or in some situation that they forget the measure of right and wrong decision and sometimes go beyond the limit knowingly or unknowingly. Today we are going to tell you about some such moments here when the Big Boss contestant crossed his line-

In this article, we will give you full information about the 10 Most Controversial Bigg Boss Contestants. so let’s start reading.

Abhijeet Bichukale asks Devoleena for ‘Pappi’

10 Most Controversial Bigg Boss Contestants
10 Most Controversial Bigg Boss Contestants

A new case happened in Bigg Boss 15. During a task, contestant Abhijeet Bichukale demanded a puppy from Devoleena for her help. (10 Most Controversial Bigg Boss Contestants) He tells Debo that he will play for her in the task and steal the goods and give it to her, but in return will she give him a kiss on the cheek? And the limit is reached when Abhijit talks to Debo not once but 3 or 4 times, that he stole the goods and brought them, when will she do it now? Finally, after the task, Devoleena loses her temper and reprimands Bichukale, later she also tells Rakhi and Teja that Bichukale is crossing her line due to which she is uncomfortable.

The whole house turns against Bichukale and questions his actions. On Weekend Ka Vaar, Salman also spoke openly on this matter and also reprimanded the contestants. Along with this, the matter of not understanding the things of Bichukale was also told to the contestants. They have a hard time fitting themselves in with things because of language and space, so if something seems unpleasant, stay away from them. Don’t give the other person a chance to repeat the same thing again.

Afsana Khan tore Akasa’s shirt

The task of Big Boss is such that often the contestants go wild in it. Don’t care about getting hurt. Getting up is a small thing. (10 Most Controversial Bigg Boss Contestants) Another such incident happened in BB 15 when Afsana Khan tore Akasa Singh’s shirt in front of the camera during a task.

Although all the contestants raised questions on this matter, Afsana surprised everyone with her reaction. Instead of accepting his mistake, he told Akasa, ‘He had two buttons already open and your bra was visible that day too. What has become such a big deal.’ Afsana had also body-shaming Shamita and said that your hands look as if they have polio.

Indecent remarks of Akshara Singh

Neha Bhasin and Bhojpuri star Akshara Singh did not get along well on Big Boss OTT. Their frequent fights in the house caught the attention of the audience as well. In one such heated argument between these two regarding kitchen duties, when both were narrating things to each other, Akshara said for Neha that, unlike Neha, she knows how to cook, and not like her, who only has legs. Coming to spread.

On this matter, Shamita Shetty had questioned the mindset of the Bhojpuri star. However, this was also such a thing that questions should arise! Akshara also got an overwhelming response from the audience for her point. Although by that he meant the style of his sitting, once the arrows of the words go out, then it is a little difficult to reverse them.

Afsana commented on Vishal Kotiyan’s

The contestants of the reality show Big Boss 15 were in the discussion for the number of days they lived due to their fights and bad language. However, later he was also thrown out of the middle show due to a similar scandal.

Apart from these battles, Afsana also caught everyone’s attention with her demeaning language. He made one such derogatory remark about BB15 contestant Vishal Kotian Origin. This is the case when Vishal tried to stop Afsana during a fight with Shamita Shetty. (10 Most Controversial Bigg Boss Contestants) Vishal’s idea of ​​intervening in the fight did not go down well and Afsana called Vishal a ‘gay’ and also cursed him. He also wished her to die at the same age as she is.

The audience criticized Afsana’s antics a lot. But even if we leave this thing out, it shows the small mentality of these big stars. Shows the fear inside them that how quickly and how easily they lose their calm and start making any ant-shunt.

Madhurima Tuli hits Vishal Aditya Singh with a frying pan

Although it was as serious as a scene or a sentence. Later it became more of a comedy. However, Tuli was thrown out of the house by Bigg Boss for his actions saying that there is no place for non-violence in BB House. But while arguing about something, Vishal threw water on Madhurima, due to which Madhurima got so angry that she hit Vishal’s butt several times with a frying pan. The blows were made so hard that the handle of the frying pan was broken and the bottom was twisted.

Rashmi Desai throwing tea on Siddharth Shukla

Rashmi Desai and Siddharth never got married once or twice during BB 13. There was often a scuffle between the two regarding one or the other thing. Both were also seen using abusive and abusive language for each other. But the fight between these two, which started in a task, escalated so much and Rashmi was so infuriated that she threw tea on Siddharth saying that he showed his worth. While Rashmi had to face the anger of the audience for her behavior, Salman also reprimanded her.

Zubair Khan’s indecent behavior towards women

Zubair Khan grabbed attention in Bigg Boss 11, but for all the wrong reasons. He remained in the limelight but infamous. His indecent behavior, derogatory attitude towards women, and inappropriate remarks towards women were the reasons for which he was thrown out of the show.

The show’s host Salman Khan also lost his cool and was severely reprimanded for his lewd remarks against Arshi Khan and Bandagi Kalra. According to reports, Zubair had also tried to commit suicide by taking an overdose of his medicines inside Bigg Boss house. Due to this, he was taken to the hospital, and then he did not return to the show again.

swami om throwing urine on bb contestant

However, as much as Swami Om’s Izzat ka band played in BB House, it might not have happened anywhere. But what can anyone do? His actions were such that every time, again and again, and again and again he had to listen to the matter of defeat. Contestant Swami of BB 10 was thrown out of the house after his disgusting act during the Om Ko task.

During a captaincy task, Swami Om threw his urine at Bani J and Rohan Mehra. Due to this everyone started questioning his purity. (10 Most Controversial Bigg Boss Contestants)All the contestants demanded strict action against him. Later Salman Khan asked him to get out of the house. But here too Swami Om refused to come out, so the security team had to be sent inside the Big Boss house to get Swami Om out of the BB house.

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